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MICHAEL CINCO Ad Campaign 2014

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Alexander McQueen Fall 2008 Details

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Hello friends

With prom coming up, (and the average dress shop being shit about plus sizes, especially large plus sizes), it’s probably a good time to link you all to Sydney’s Closet

They have plus size formal dresses going up to a size 44, and often at some p decent prices
Go get yourself all glam and stuff

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While on safari in Tanzania, Australian photographer Bobby-Jo Clow had a cheetah encounter that made wildlife enthusiasts jealous the world over. Even if you’re not a lover of big cats, her recent encounter will still intrigue you. A curious juvenile cheetah and his sibling spotted the Land Rovers rolling through their home, so they decided to do something incredible.

Cheetahs are graceful big cats that can reach speeds up to 70mph. Although they typically live alone, cheetahs can be found in groups if they are part of young families, or are young males. Cheetahs are typically pretty shy, so the photographers were lucky to get so close to these wild juveniles.


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Indigo-Purple-Red smoky eye pictorial

Afraid of red shadows? Try it in a 3-color transition paired with cooler tones like blue and purple. Guarantee it doesn’t look garish or too “tropical” and loud.

Do note that I used mainly loose pigments but you can use regular metallic pressed shadows. There’s no special reason to use pigments; I just had them on hand.

You will just need:

  1. Black creamy shadow (soft kajal sticks, gel liners etc will work well too)
  2. Blue or blue-violet metallic shadow (I used MAC Cornflower pigment)
  3. A deep red metallic shadow or at least a wine/burgundy shade if you can’t find a red (I used a very old jar of discontinued I Nuovi pigment called Garnet; many mineral makeup sellers and online makeup stores sell metallic reds now)
  4. A medium purple metallic that is not darker than the blue or red (I used I Nuovi’s pigment in Ultraviolet)
  5. Black matte shadow


For brushes, I would suggest a synthetic brush for blending out the edges of the black paint. I used a fluffy tapered synthetic buffer from 13rushes.

For laying on the metallic pigments, it’s best to use a flat, firm brush so you can pat/pack the color on, and you don’t get fallout everywhere on your cheeks.

And for applying smoky black around the socket line, you can use a smaller pointy buffer brush like the 13rushes one, or an eyeliner smudger (mine is from Sephora). Don’t use a big fluffy blender because you don’t want the black to go everywhere, or too far up your brow bone.

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Rococo Vintage

This bed is not big enough for us and you, little squish. #cats #amelie




Mill Street Vintage



What it Is: Rimmel ScandalEyes Eye Shadow Paint

What it Does: A liquid eyeshadow applied with a doe foot applicator with high metallic shine. Claims to be long wearing and waterproof.

What it Costs: $5-$7

Where to Get It: Drugstores, Ulta, or online

Quick Verdict: Thumbs Up!

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Thanks for writing this up! I’ve been considering buying one for a bit of a play, I think I’ll get one when I have a bit more money on me :3